The Iranian missile attack on the political headquarter of KDP-Iran

Saturday September 8th 2018 at 10:45 a.m., while the central committee of Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran was in a meeting in the Democrat fortress, KDP-Iran’s political and administrative center, it was targeted by the Islamic regime’s missiles. The missile attack resulted in 16 Peshmerga’s death, amongst them six were members of the party’s leadership. Two of the martyrs of that attack were PDKI Peshmergas. More than 40 cadres, Peshmergas, women and children were also injured.

The day after the missile attack, the Islamic’s Revolutionary Guard Corps officially accepted the responsibility for this horrible and unprecedented crime. Apart from that they claimed, through a series of comments and documentaries, that their goal has been to inflict a huge blow to the party and they pointed out KDP-Iran as a security threat to the Islamic Republic.

The high morale and the rare will of the leadership, cadres, Peshmergas and friends of KDP-Iran in the first hours after the missile attack showed that the Islamic Republic has failed in fulfilling its evil goal i.e. weaken or destroy KDP-I and has not gained anything but a political and moral scandal.

The Islamic Republic’s missile attack which crossed the line of all legal, moral as well as international laws and regulations, resulted in many and at the same time different reactions. The Iraqi central government’s reaction, which its territorial integrity had in broad daylight been violated, was only on a level saying that the Islamic Republic of Iran had not consulted them before this action. The Kurdistan Regional Government condemned this aggression committed by the Islamic Republic of Iran, but at the same time it insisted that the Kurdistan Region soil ought not to be used by the dissidents of Islamic Republic to disrupt the security in Iran. It must be pointed out that KDP-Iran has not used the soil of Kurdistan Region as a springboard to destabilize the security of Islamic Republic during the past years. In fact, if the Islamic Republic sees the KDP-I as a threat to its security and attacks it by missiles, it is because of the rhetoric and the correct policy of this party which influences the movement of the masses inside the country. It is obvious that this attack has an international dimension too and it is a part of the struggle between Islamic Republic and the outside world especially the US in Iraq. That was the reason why Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the UN, brought up this issue in UN Security Council, and cautioned the international community about the Islamic Republic’s aggressions in Iraq and in the region.

The most important repercussion of the Islamic Republic’s attack happened inside the East Kurdistan. Responding to the call from the forces and political parties of Eats Kurdistan and as a reaction to the missile attack against the bases of KDP-I and the execution of a group of political prisoners, the Kurdish people started a general strike on September 12th 2018 to condemn the criminal cat of the Islamic Republic and to support their political parties.

During its four decade life span, the Islamic Republic of Iran has used all kinds of denial and oppression against the Kurdish question in the country. In order to quell the freedom movement of the Kurds, it has used all kinds of weapons against this movement and the struggling parties which the missile attack against KDP-I’s headquarter deep inside another country’s territory is one of the latest and unprecedented actions.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is not only the source of insecurity and violation of Human Rights of the Iranian people in general and the Kurdish people in particular, it is also the root cause of instability in the Middle East. Therefore it is necessary to put a limit to this regime’s actions. Te history of the Islamic Republic tells us that it does not honor any moral principles or international laws and regulations, so only the use of force and pressure makes it to step back from its aggressions and destabilizing behavior. Therefore the regime should more than ever feel the pressure until they start behaving like a normal regime and honor the international laws and conventions.

Bureau of International Relations
Kurdistan Democratic Party

8th September 2019