The message of Mr Khalid Azizi the Secretary General of Kurdistan Democratic Party to the Prime Minister of Australia

The Honorable Anthony Albanese

Prime Minister of Australia


Your Excellency!

On behalf of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP-Iran), I would like to extend my warmest congratulations on your election as new prime minister of Australia.

The Kurdish people in Iran from the very beginning of the revolution in 1979, has worked for attaining its legitimate national and political rights by peaceful and democratic means.

Unfortunately, our peaceful and democratic message was answered by execution and imprisonment. Even our late leader Dr. Qasemlou was assassinated by the diplomat-terrorists of the Islamic Republic on negotiation table in Vienna in 1989. On the domestic level, the Islamic republic is known for using its power to oppress, execute and kill its own people and on international level it is known to be the biggest promotor of state sponsored terrorism and root cause of regional instability.

Mr. Prime Minister!

Iranian people in general and the Kurdish people in particular have made immense sacrifices for democracy and will continue their struggle until peace and democracy prevails in the country. The support from your government and the rest of the democratic world to us Kurds’ and the freedom loving people of Iran’s human and democratic rights, would have huge impact on the democratization process of Iran and the stability of the region.

Yours Sincerely,

Khalid Aziz

Secretary General of Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP-Iran)