The organization ‘Clowns Without Borders’ visited Kurdistan

To get updated about the children’s situation, the organization Clowns Without Borders, visited some refugee camps with refugees from Eastern Kurdistan.

The organization’s visit came after a request from Mrs. Tara Azizi, ‌Human Rights lawyer based in Washington, USA. The goal for the visit was to get information about children’s situation living in some refugee camps for refugees from Eastern Kurdistan.

The CWB in close cooperation with TDH, East Kurdistan’s Save the Children organization and other Save the Children organizations in other camps, did organize some joyful activities which was highly appreciated by the children who participated in those activities.

The US branch of CWB was established in 1995 and is a non-profit organization. Professional clowns who participate in the organization’s tours, do donate their time, and bring joy and happiness to children who have often suffered from war.

It should be noted that this was the organization’s first visit to Kurdistan and considering the warm welcome they received and the tremendous response from the children, resulted in the organization to plan more visits in the future. During the next visits, the CWB will organize some classes for those who want to become clown and spread joy amongst people. At the same time, the organization has said that they will contact other US based Save the children organizations and organizations which defend Human Rights to visit Kurdistan and the camps mentioned above.