The statement of Politburo of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran regarding the events of Saturday, August 7, in the city of Naqadeh

Unfortunately, on Saturday, August 7, a Kurdish citizen named Fardin Ibrahimi, from the village of Gerdkashani (a village that belongs to Oshnoyeh), had been to Naqadeh for his own business, died and several others were injured. The tragic incident has generated a complicated situation in the city of Naqadeh, which has continued until late at night.

As usual instead of appeasing the situation, the Islamic Republic officials have tried to make matters worse.  Since coming to power, this has exactly been the policy of the rulers in Tehran concerning this region in general and the events embracing it.  In contrast, before the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Kurds and Azeris have been living peacefully and cooperatively managing their daily affairs together. Apart from the historic treaty between the Republic of Kurdistan and the Azerbaijani division, during the revolutionary process of 1977-79, the two national communities had successfully staged a joint and united struggle and protest the previous regime. But after the establishment of the Islamic Republic, the rulers in Tehran have tried, for their own benefit, to reverse the peaceful coexistence of the Kurds and Azeris in this region. Unfortunately, instead of appeasing the situation by mobilising the Azeris some circles and non-Kurdish media have further tried to complicate the situation.

The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) is calling on the Kurdish and Azeri citizens to be aware and to keep a rendezvous from the enemies of peaceful coexistence who want to push the two national communities towards a deleterious war. At the same time, we ask the Kurdish and Azeri civil society along the appeasement of the satiation try to prevent the imposition of the culture of violence and hatred over rational coexistence in the region.

Finally, with our condolences to Fardin Ibrahimi’s family, we wish a speedy recovery for the wounded and victims of this incident.

Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP-Iran)


August 11, 2021