Three Kurdish Environmental Activists Die Fighting Paveh Forest

KDP-Press: On Sunday, June 28, Three Kurdish environmental activists lost their lives after attempting to extinguish a fire in the Markhil Paveh Protected Areas in Kermanshah Province.

”On Sunday, a team of four Kurdish activist from Zhiway Pawa Society” headed to Markhel mountain in the Hawraman Region’s Paveh city to put out a fire. while attempting to control the fire on the Marakhel mountain, two activists from the Zhiway organization lost their lives.” An environmental activist said.

Mokhtar Khandani, the spokesman for Zhiway Pawa Society, as well as Bilal Ameni, another environmental activist working for the society, are among those who died in Sunday’s fire.

Yasin Karimi, is the third environmental activist who lost his life in the incident after being severely wounded.

Mokhtar Khandani from Nowsud, Balal Amini from Paveh and Yasin Karimi from the village of Shamshir lost their lives as they bravely joined the effort to contain forest fires threatening their cities and towns.

Reports said hundreds of residents in Paveh city took to the streets on the evening of June 28 to say farewell to the three men.

Unofficial reports claim that blaming the regime’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) for the deaths of three Kurdish activists.

During its 41 years of existence, the Iranian regime has never given any environmental protection to Kurdistan, and in many cases has contributed to the destruction of Kurdistan’s environment and most fires in Iranian Kurdistan are brought under control by voluntary workers, usually environmental activists themselves – who are often put in perilous situations.

On the other hand four environmental activists died in summer 2018 after trying to put out fires in Mariwan city, caused by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) bombarding suspected targets of opposition Kurdish armed groups hiding in the area