To my dear Colleagues, Member Parties in the Socialist International

The Islamic Regime in Iran, which in its nature is programmed to create crisis within its surroundings and to intervene in other countries internal affairs, has during the Corona pandemic once again showed that when it comes to protecting the Iranian people, it is both irresponsible and incapable. This regime has spent most of the Iranian wealth on its interventionist and destabilizing policies in the region by systematically financing extremist terrorist groups which follow the same ideological path as the regime itself.

Hiding the truth and preventing truthful reports about the spread of the Corona virus in all Iranian regions and cities has been ordered by the office of the Supreme leader, Khamenei, itself. The negligence of the government in protecting the people from the pandemic has resulted in tens of thousands of people contracting the virus and thousands of lives lost.

In such a circumstance, when the lives of people are at risk, livelihoods torn to shreds and the nation as a whole is suffering through an unprecedented difficulty, the regime once again has shown its true face. Not only has it failed to equip healthcare centers and provide medical equipment to battle the Corona virus, it instead has implicated a severe and harmful security atmosphere within Kurdistan.

Against all this negligence, lack of responsibility and a typical eagerness to show hostility by regime, the people of Kurdistan have relied on their own solidarity and sense of humanism. With support from wealthy individuals within the Kurdish community as well as a great sense of awareness and responsibility, the people of the Kurdish communities have taken care of each other and showed a successful example of self-governance.

The organizations within the Kurdish civil society have had a pivotal role in organizing this patriotic measure, namely by starting different campaigns, collecting grass-root contributions and delivering it to the public. They have once again shown their importance and have yet again fulfilled an important task when the state has failed.

Moreover, compassionate individuals have used their personal wealth to build new healthcare centers in order to take care of Corona cases as well as to decrease the spread of the virus. These individuals have truly carried out their charitable responsibility and put the public need before their own. The most important heroes of all, the physicians and the nurses who take care of the sick and who are protecting the public health by risking their own lives, have done their outmost to preserve the wellbeing of Kurdistan and the Kurdish people.

While the people of Kurdistan have been engaged in these honorable acts, the Islamic regime as usual has moved thousands of its security forces to the Kurdish regions. This irrational act has happened while people are going through an ordeal and need calmness and a sense of safety and security. During this short period of time, apart from the horrible and inhuman executions, dozens of civil society activists in Kurdistan have been arrested on groundless charges.

We consider this self-governing campaign and the impressive management coordination during this pandemic as a sign of great political and patriotic awareness amongst the united people of Iranian Kurdistan. We sincerely hope that the international community, especially our friends within the Socialist International, take note of how irresponsible the regime has acted before and during the pandemic

Lastly, we hope that the international community, with the members of the Socialist International as front figures, carefully observe how the Islamic regime acts after the immediate crisis of the pandemic is over. It is vital that the international community puts necessary pressure on the regime, so it does not take advantage of the current Corona crisis as a smokescreen for violations against the human rights of the Iranian people in general and the Kurdish people in particular. Therefore, we urge all our friends within the Socialist International to have a watchful eye on the acts and policies of the Islamic regime towards the Kurds in Iran, not only during the current corona epidemic, but also after.

Sincerely Yours

Khalid Azizi

Secretary General of 

Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP-IRAN)

20 May 2020