To the greatest nation of Kurdistan, the patriotic people of Kurdistan

As we all are aware, it has been more than 4 months that the Coronavirus COVID-19, is spread in the world. Sadly, this crisis has led to the death of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide and hundreds of thousands of people are still under medical care to be treated and go back safely to their homes.

In this regard, health staff, doctors, nurses, medical institutions and charity institutions have played a historical role to eliminate this Virus and treat the infected ones with it, trying to save their lives and give them back a normal life back.

In our country, the number of patients and victims were more, and the officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran, have not taken positive steps to protect the lives of citizens and patients in this regard. However and despite all that careless actions by the government, doctors and health staff, as well as people, have stood up supporting and helping each other and show compassion and solidarity to raise the morale of the nation of Iran.

Unfortuenly, due to the lack of care and investment in treating the victims of this crisis, many of them have lost their lives, and hundreds of people are under medical care until today.

In an action to honor the service and help of the doctors, nurses and all those who have come to the help of the people, a group of supporters in the society has started a campaign under the name of ” Defenders of Life ” and with the slogan ” The White Face“ and with the slogan of ” White Leaders ” at 10 pm, Friday, 22th of March, have announced their service and support voluntarily in Kurdistan areas of Iran. The Cooperation Center of the Kurdistan parties of Iran has also expressed its gratitude and support to all the heroes and each and everyone who wants any kind of support of any kind.

Kurdistan parties cooperation center of Iran
March 21st 1399
April 9th, 2020