Two Iranian farmers died in clash with IRGCs in Ahvaz

Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) on Wednesday, killed two farmers who were trying to build up a wall to prevent flood from entering farms and villages in Khuzestan.

The farmers in Khuzestan’s area of Susangerd have been building the defense walls for days. The tension raised as IRGC forces attacked the farmers aiming to break the defense walls to save oil fields instead.

Heavy flood Hit Iran’s western provinces of Lorestan and Ilam for days, killed at least 15 people and inundating two cities and hundreds of villages.

The flood is heading to southwestern province of Khuzestan and citizens are taking necessary steps to minimize the harm.

 “IRGC attacked farmers and wanted to break the wall to save the oil fields,” a local source from Susangerd told Avatoday on Condition of anonymity. “So, they (IRGC) wants to sacrifice villages and thousands of hectares of farms for oil fields.”

Two farmers were killed and 4 more wounded when IRGC opened fire on farmers who prevented revolutionary Corps from breaking the wall.

Local sources confirmed to Avatoday that IRGCs has finally broke the wall.