UAE urges World to stop Iran interference in the Middle East

The United Arab Emirates has called upon international community to restrict Iran’s interventionist behavior in the Middle East, adding instability and crisis to the existing problems, Emirate News Agency reported on Wednesday.

“The conflict in Yemen and Syria clearly show that Iran is the common perpetrator. Iran has created more tension and instability in our region, posing a serious threat to the stability of the Middle East,” Saud Al Shamsi, Deputy Permanent Representative of the UAE to the UN was quoted as saying by the agency.

In the last few months, Iran has been launching missiles towards neighboring countries such as Iraq and Syria and toward outer space, making US, Israel and neighboring countries concerned.

“We therefore call on the international community and the Security Council to seriously pressure Iran to end its interference and support for terrorist and sectarian militias in Arab countries,” he added.

Tensions also raised up between Tehran and Jerusalem earlier this week as Israeli military confirmed in an unusual statement on Monday it attacked Iranian Revolutionary Guards in Syria, AP reported.

For its part, the head of Iran’s air force said his country is impatient to fight back the Jewish country and destroy it.