Unity among Iranian teachers terrifies the regime after successful protest

Despite Iranian government’s huge pressure on teachers, they have stayed united during the three- days-long of fresh protest, starting on Sunday, government’s lack of efficiency, imprisonment of teachers and failing education system.

Objection to privatization of schools is also among teachers’ agenda. Kurdish teachers added an extra demand to the list of requests by Iranian teachers, which is the right to Mother-Tongue education.

The strikes went on in 37 cities through Iran with protesters chanting slogans such as “Freedom for jailed teachers,” “Prison is not a place for teachers” and “wages over poverty line is the right of teachers.”

In a separate move, Iranian students showed support to the nation-wide protest.

Iranian regime has been witnessing a harsh week of protests all over the country as the teachers were not the only one on the street. 

Hundreds of university students, workers and retirees gathered on Tuesday in Iranian capital city of Tehran, protesting over the counties’ failing system and financial crisis. They chanted slogans such as “Bread, work, and Freedom are our inalienable rights.”