Why overlooking (Iranian) terrorist plots?

Author: Kamal Karimi

Translated by: Modaresi Kaveh

On the 8th  of September (2018) Islamic Republic (of Iran) has conducted missile attacks on Iranian Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP-Iran), head quarter as their continuing terrorism attack strategy to destroy KDP-Iran leadership as they stated in their first announcement after the incident, “that they targeted a party which poses threat to Iran’s national security”. This is not the first time that KDP-Iran has been targeted because of the same excuses. In the past years during tens of terrorist attempts, hundreds of members, Peshmerga and outstanding party leaders have been targeted and murdered, as a significant instance, two different terrorist attempts were plotted to murder Dr. Ghassemlou and Dr. Sharafkandi in Austria and Germany respectively, which could have and should have been the reasons to impose effective pressure on the Islamic Regime of Iran in a way that restricts the terror organization of the regime so they don’t pose the threat on international community as they have now.

On the same month Islamic Republic of Iran’s terror activity and their related bands terror attempt in France has engaged Europe while Iranian president was on a diplomatic trip around Europe seeking help among the European countries against American pressure which partially connected to the Iranian international terrorism. Meanwhile France intelligence has got information that Islamic republic terrorists planned a bombing attack on the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran conference further investigation, chasing and arrest in France, Germany and Belgium led to arrest of regimes terrorist diplomat Asadollah Asadi which once again showed the uncovering truth that the Iranian diplomats are in fact trained revolutionary grads who are sent abroad under the disguise of diplomatic mission to embassy’s which are a spy base to chase the regime’s oppositions and eventually plan to assassinate them. During this investigation other than the Iran embassy’s secretory in Austria, few others also have been arrested two of which Belgium authorities published their names as they carried explosive materials which makes the case undeniable.

What’s interesting in this situation is that the French president Emmanuel Macron’s speech in which he tries to overlook terror attempts plotted by Islamic republic of Iran while all the evidences are available and undeniable but he tries to clarify that Iranian regime is innocent through explaining that Iranian institutions and security organizations are assorted therefor, he tries to escape his real responsibility in confronting a terrorist regime that used his country’s soil for terrorist activities. Meanwhile the French foreign minister has mentioned in earlier speech that the Ministry of Intelligence of the Islamic Republic of Iran is responsible for planning this terror attempt. President Macron in an interview stated that Iran has its own internal issue that makes it diverse therefor we can’t accuse any high-level leaders or any specific organization. But, don’t president of a country like France know that all institutions and security organizations operate under the supervision of the high level leadership which means the supreme leader establishment is where all the decisions are made and handed over to a specific organization to be executed?

After the unfortunate, successful assassination of Dr. Abdolrahman Ghassemlou and fellow Abdollah Ghaderi-Azar (13th July 1989), Austrian administration at the time denied facing the truth the same way president Macron did and to date they haven’t published any official report on this despicable assassination. However, when the later Secretary- General of KDP Dr. Sadegh Sharafkandi and his fellows were assassinated (17th September 1992) in Berlin by Islamic Republic terrorists, the Mykonos trial investigations appeared as an outstanding independent justice seeker in the world, justifying everyone through publishing names of decision makers and administrative teams that above all the names Ali Khamenei the Supreme Leader of Islamic Republic was mentioned which left no doubts where all the terror attack orders are coming from. Thereafter, all European countries recalled their ambassadors from Tehran temporarily to show their discontent and protect their countries honor.

Certainly France is known as a country which supports freedom and human rights and they take the honor to be known as the cradle of democracy, specifically France’s significant and effective role in the international collaboration against terror lead to expect from French authorities not to overlook the Islamic Republic’s policy and their terror acts because of their own economical profit and international negotiation that can facilitate Iran’s continuous terror attempts as they have no respect for freedom and human rights. Islamic Republic of Iran could not be assorted into good and bad types as they believe in imposing fundamental belief and treating human worse than slaves. Despite that more expectations would be France government collaboration with European allies to help and cooperate to uncover more policy and terror acts of a regime which does not want to participate in a real negotiation with the international community but uses its commercial compromises with European countries to facilitate terror and eliminate Iranian liberal opposition anywhere that they may have the chance to speak out against  the Iranian regime to expose Islamic republic cruelty towards Iranian population.

Retrieved from: www.kurdistanukurd.com